Reading: We will be using the Daily 5 as our structure for reading.  This structure offers student-choice as a motivator and embeds individual differentiation for each student ensuring that all students get their unique reading needs met.  Please support your child in selecting “good fit” novel to keep them reading throughout the year.  In addition to reading we will also be strengthening our grammar skills, developing vocabulary, and studying teacher-chosen novel studies.  These novels will support student access to literary devices, character development, story structure, themes, main idea, and inference.

Math:  Math will be standards based curriculum using “GO Math” as a framework and beginning each concept with learning targets to anchor every lesson.  Students will keep a daily math journal and will be responsible for nightly homework, quizzes, and chapter assessments.  Students will be approaching concepts from the lens of the common core with a more holistic perspective.  This means students will be using multiple strategies to look at math, numbers, and problem solving.  Content will focus on computation of three digit numbers, place value, decimals, fractions, volume, and plotting points on a coordinate plane.  Students should practice math facts with regularity and know them with confidence.

Writing:  The writing focus for this year is centered around three writing types: personal narrative, opinion, and informational.  We will build our use of grammar and vocabulary in our writing.  Students will demonstrate their understanding of content through written essays, book/story summaries, journal entries, blogs, narrative stories, and literary responses all while learning the very importance of citing evidence to support their writing.

Social Studies:  Students will be studying Native American cultures, European explorers, the Colonial period, and the American Revolution as well as America’s independence from England.  The year will conclude with the study of the US Constitution.  There are many group and partner project-based learning exercises that support student learning and make history come to life for them.

Science: Students will be studying concepts such as Matter, Motion, Energy, Organisms, Ecosystems, and Earth.  In addition, 5th grade students will participate in science lab two hours a week taught by our science specialist.  There, they will be working hands on with experiments and exploration of science concepts.  

PE: In fifth grade students will be tested on several physical fitness state tests.  Endurance: Our state goal is for students to run the mile in ten minutes or less.  Strength and Flexibility test students on pull-ups, push-ups as well as various flexibility stretches.